Cryptid Clan

Cryptid Island Realestate

We are in the development stage of building 100 luxury villas and mansions within Cryptid Island.
5-15 high-class luxury mansions will be included in the city hub. 75 of the luxury villas will be made for our OG community and they will be located in a neighborhood connected to the city just a short walk away. These properties will be part of our Cryptid Island city hub, and will be a way for players and holders to own a piece of what we are building and to be apart of the Cryptid Clan long term vision.


5-15 high class luxury mansions will be auctioned off via $WRLD once our city and P2E gameplay development is finished.
75 Luxury villas will be auctioned off to our OG community. If there are any villas left, they will then be auctioned off to the rest of the Cryptid Clan commuinty. This will allow our community to decide the value of these villas from the start.