Cryptid Clan


Cryptid Clan is a collection of carefully crafted, hand-drawn art that aims to revolutionize the NFT industry by creating countless opportunities in both the Metaverse and throughout the world. Holders will benefit from returns on revenue-generating activities from several metaverse initiatives such as P2E events and games, display advertising, and subscription based offers. Not only will this provide owner perks to the community, but revenue generated will go towards the community wallet to help bolster the economy, cover lodging fees, airfare, giveaways, and so much more. Real-world Cryptid Camps will be strategically placed in exotic destinations, providing the community with access to free and discounted lodging, along with annual IRL events held at the Cryptid Camp locations. We are the first to bridge Metaverse utility and gameplay with real-world utility, giving our community an opportunity to truly explore without limits. Our number one priority is to provide freedom and opportunity for every single member of the community.