Cryptid Clan


Our economy foundation will be based on two flywheel models in order to create a self sustained economy to compound growth. Not only will we be creating an economy within the metaverse, but we will be leveraging token rewards to incentivize NFT possession inside and outside of the Metaverse itself. For starters, we will use 50% of the secondary sales for NFT royalty earnings to offer staking rewards to all NFT holders. By staking a Cryptid Clan NFT, you will earn a portion of all royalty rewards daily via tokens that will automatically deposit into your wallet. By offering a staking mechanism the floor price of our NFT will rise, leading to higher royalties, which in turn raise the amount of token rewards all holders will be receiving as a staking reward. All stakers can choose to keep their tokens, or they can use their tokens to buy items, purchase real estate, or participate in P2E games within our Metaverse. See graphic below for a high level look at this concept and how NFT holders will benefit greatly.
Our goal is to create a thriving self-sustaining economy that breeds tremendous earning potential and a massive play-to-earn ecosystem. As mentioned above, commerce will play a key role in the second layer of our economy. By allowing large commerce opportunities to our community, transaction volume will significantly increase. A small % will go to the community wallet to fund all rewards that are paid out on a daily basis. See graphic below for a high level look at our economy model.