Cryptid Clan

The Plan

While mapping out this project, we set out to accomplish one major goal: give all of our holders the benets of owning real-world property and Metaverse land without the high cost of entry. How do we plan to execute this?

Metaverse Development

NFTWorlds will play a key role in the Cryptid clan community and economy. Our Metaverse has a robust economy providing earning potential to all by simply exploring the world, however, the foundation will be built on P2E events and games. We will leverage our extensive marketing and sales background to launch several revenue-generating initiatives to help grow the community wallet assets through display ads, subscription based offers, tickets to metaverse events, etc. Metaverse development is already underway and we will be releasing fully playable P2E games, to further accelerate our scalable economy that will grow as our community grows. The economy of our Metaverse world is explained in the next page.

IRL Real-Estate Development

As a member of the Cryptid Clan, you will have exclusive access to Cryptid Camp locations which will be built throughout the physical world. Real world Cryptid Camps will include multi-unit locations turned into travel-ready destinations. As our community grows, so will the number of travel destinations. Whether you are traveling for work or play, our properties will be available to you. These camps will be exclusively available to our Cryptid Clan holders at discounted rates depending on the number of Cryptid Clan NFT’s held (free WILL be an option.) When not being occupied by our holders, Cryptid Camp locations will be rented out full-price to the general public. Revenue generated from general public rentals will help sustain the economy for the long term, providing liquidity for giveaways and special perks for Cryptid Clan holders. Additionally, community members will be directly involved in the decision-making process throughout Cryptid Camp development, including voting, staking, and general project feedback. This project belongs TO the community, and the future direction will be largely based on holder preferences. Make no mistake - the vision for this project goes well beyond 2022. We genuinely believe this project will be a catalyst for improvement in the NFT space, pushing all projects to think bigger and help the NFT community raise their standards for all creators in the space. The Cryptid Clan isn’t just a project with insane perks and advantages, it’s a movement toward the New Nomad lifestyle.