Cryptid Clan

The Vision

Our key objective here at Cryptid Clan is to build a tight-knit community with long-term benefits, giving our members access to invaluable opportunities both in the Metaverse and throughout the globe. By offering Metaverse developments on top of NFTWorlds and real-world adventure, we plan to bring our community the best in both digital and physical adventure. Our Promise: to present an NFT project with clear intentions and relentless execution. We aim to create a community of people that value financial freedom, adventure and exploration. It’s no secret that much of the NFT space has become a let-down propelled by hype and poor follow-through. As the space has evolved, the quality of art and passion for providing real community value has fallen to the wayside. Cryptid Clan Is looking to break this cycle by providing Metaverse utility along with countless real-world perks and travel opportunities that grow as our community grows. Join us in our adventure to more!