Cryptid Clan

Gameplay Overview

Explore and Discover

Cryptid Island is an oasis for those who value exploration and epic adventures. The world itself has hundreds of undiscovered treasures that are yours for the taking. Shipwrecks, lost ruins, mythical creatures and so much more. All of which come with a $WRLD bounty.

Time Gate Bounties

A beacon appears on the map, signaling to all players that a rare item has spawned somewhere on the Island. This begins a mad dash server wide. Powerful players may compete to try to claim the valuable item. More cautious players may use this opportunity to sneak into safety, as other players remain distracted.

Rare Sighting

Cryptids are famous for their fleeting glimpses. Certain exceptionally rare cryptids will appear without notice, leaving behind a rare item before disappearing. Rare items will have ingame value and can be kept, redeemed, or sold to other players for $WRLD tokens.

Cryptid Based Gear

We will have certain Cryptid Creatures tied to unique items that can be used to craft specific gear. This creates an incentive to discover all cryptids that roam our land. Bigfoot Fur, which perhaps increases your stealth. Merrow Fins, which perhaps increases swim speed. Ogre Gauntlets, which may increase attack power, etc... This gear can be crafted by discovering cryptids, or bought and sold on the open market using $WRLD.


Will you choose to keep your head down and complete your quest, or will you search for other explorers in an attempt to take their bounty? You decide..

Scumbag Points

If a player is too aggressive to other players, they begin to accumulate a reputation. If reputation falls dramatically, they get put onto a bounty board. This will allow players to view the bounty board, which gives a general location of where they are at, and a bounty for their defeat. This will let “White Hat” players engage in PvP with justice, and keep aggressive players in check.


Exploration does come with it’s own set of risks. Watch out for Nightcrawler Cryptids who attack explorers on site, as well as other greedy explorers who are always looking for an easy victim. The longer you spend outside of the city limits, the more rewards you will earn, including $WRLD tokens and other valuable items.

Wilderness Watches You

As stated above, the longer you survive outside the city limits, the more $WRLD tokens you will earn. However, the longer you stay outside the more “aware” the Island becomes of you. More and more Nightcrawlers will spawn near you, other dangers ramp up as well. This creates a dynamic of risk vs reward scale, where players have a steadily increasing difficulty scale, and builds tension for lingering in the danger..

Cryptid City

Cryptid City Escape the danger and use some of your newly found wealth by spending some time at the Cryptid Island City Capital. Hang out with fellow Explorers, explore our partner shops, or get ready for your next adventure by stocking up on new gear and supplies.
As we continue development and the ecosystem matures, changes to the gameplay or mechanics may take place.