Cryptid Clan

P2E Mechanics

Cryptid Clan NFT holders will be able to earn, collect and claim $WRLD Tokens, an in-game cryptocurrency for our Metaverse built on NFTWorlds.


All 3,933 NFT’s will come with lifetime citizenships to our Metaverse and P2E gameplay. Day/Week passes will be available to non-NFT holders.

Passport NFT's

We will also be airdropping 2k NFT Passports to the first 2k holders of our Bigfoot NFT’s. The holders of these Passport NFT’s will have an extra pass to our metaverse and P2E gameplay. These can be sold, used, or lend to give our holders more ways to earn $WRLD. Passport holders will also have added IRL benefits and perks as well. (Airdropped via Polygon.)


We want to incentivize long term holders who keep their NFT off-market. For this reason, we will be putting aside 50% of all royalties we earn on secondary sales, and they will be added to our $wrld supply that is then distributed to NFT holders choosing to stake their NFT. (Passport NFT’s do not qualify for staking)


Lending will be a way for holders to lend out their NFT’s to other players who wish to access our P2E metaverse. Lending can be utilized by all holders, including Passport NFT holders. This means if you are among the first 2k people to mint a Bigfoot NFT, you will have a 2nd Metaverse pass (Passport NFT) that you can lend out to other players and earn extra $WRLD tokens. The current lending $WRLD distribution is as follows: Lender/Owner: 40% - Borrower/Player: 60%.(Subject to change. Details still being ironed out) Lending and staking will benefit everyone involved in our ecosystem and we anticipate the price of our NFT’s rising quickly as our P2E world scales up.
(Subject to change. As we continue development and the ecosystem matures, changes to the gameplay or mechanics may take place.)