Cryptid Clan

Welcome to Cryptid Island

Story Introduction
Far beyond the familiar shores of civilization, there exists an island shrouded in both veils of mists and mystery. A land of legend and lore, where secrets from long forgotten stories lay sleeping. Where the treasures from beyond history are kept safe by creatures from beyond reality. Cryptid Island.
Explorers have flocked to this great new uncharted wilderness, eager to claim both wealth and prestige. But the Island does not welcome outsiders, and many such souls have disappeared. Their silence joins the shadows lurking on Cryptid Island. Even if they manage to avoid the dangers of the Island, they bring the dangers of mankind along with them. Greed and calculated cunning have turned these travelers against each other, making some of the most dangerous creatures to walk the island those that had just arrived. And yet the call of adventure and the promise of riches continues to draw in both the brave and the foolhardy, a Siren Song too great to ignore.
This brings us to you, intrepid explorer. You’ve heard the stories and now arrive on the shores of Cryptid Island to find out for yourself. To witness the monsters that walk from myth and dreams into the waking world. To search out the gilded treasures whispered of, buried beneath guarded secrets. To Delve into the deep waters of shipwrecks, blaze through imposing jungles, and scour lost ruins.
Will you brave the dangers, of both man and myth, to uncover the wealth and knowledge hidden within Cryptid Island? Will you form alliances with your fellow explorers, or see them as just one more obstacle to be defeated? Will you return home, rich beyond your wildest dreams...or become just one more rumor, and fade into the silent mists?
Your choice is in your hands, but your fate lies on Cryptid Island...